Wednesday, May 2, 2018

DIY Mad Gab: Dilly Dilly Visions

I've had several meetings over the last few days. Here are some hard-of-hearing doozies from those:
  • Tennis Shoe, the gal that was running the meeting
  • I see that as a real natchee-cootchee
  • Botswana therein, it's attributable
  • A million volunteers were formerly Mallory
  • We want to go in separate different directions in the sunshine
  • We should do a tight end to the glaciers
  • I don't know where th'antenna needs to be in all that
  • The holy experience of guilt around the user
  • You wouldn't be worried about throwing them a few loins
  • Depending on how much you trust Hannibal hands-on
  • Hearing rhumbas about how to get back into it
  • I'm naked with the axe
  • So this is a tentacle internet marketing
  • It's worth being a connect fussy number of cities
  • This is the big pie now
  • Blessed linament emails
  • I'm gettin' in heavy
  • You should now flip-cherry your screed
  • Our pasha choirs are a hen-hen
  • Oh, wise Column G!
  • It was weeks to this pyramid
  • My vision is all dilly-dilly and I'm in a jeep
  • So the eyebrow guy comes in ...
  • Elmer's thinkin' big
  • We'll get some really good church done
  • We'll do a cutie off-site
  • I'm hoping you will go get a borscht for 2019
My brain hurts.

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