Tuesday, April 24, 2018

DIY Mad Gab: Sellin' Sillies

Another DIY Mad Gab, a.k.a. Fun with the Hard-of-Hearing!

These were from a company staff meeting ...
  • I can knock so you need.
  • We sold more sillies, so I don’t know if an impunity’s next.
  • It’s a chillin’ mix.
  • The second porter wanders along.
  • Not breakin’, not corrigible, just comin’ along.
  • The apocalyptic visitors to the help center
  • I don’t think anybody’s Alice.
  • We want the sh*t to move.
  • People who branched before the plum butt
  • Fifty forward greens
  • Yellin’ at people for whatever reason
  • I think I will straddle you next
  • Would be really interesting, the sewer you see.
  • Doss is gonna go above the onion.
For some reason, I understood more at this meeting than most, probably because everyone presenting was going by a PowerPoint that I could view in real time.

Still, there are always interesting little what-I-heard-but-not-what-they-said diversions.

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