Thursday, September 7, 2017


For someone who is supposed to be a free spirit, I've always been fascinated by cubicles. Yes, I'm talking about office cubicles--those little ceilingless structures that are the bane of office cogs everywhere.

I love them. I love the idea of having a space cut off from everyone else. My own little space. While a room of my own is nice, all I really need is a cubicle. A spot in an unassuming place, on the walk from the window to the water cooler, that I can call my own.

Lately I've felt a great desire to put the different parts of my life into cubicles. To visit each cubicle for a bit each day, and then move on to the next one. Once I step into a cubicle, I forget all the others. I focus on the work at hand in that cubicle, do what needs to be done, and then I go to the next one.

This morning I visited the Exercise Cubicle, and then I spend a few minutes in the Classical Guitar Cubicle. Now I'm in the Writing Cubicle--one that doesn't get visited so often anymore, I'm afraid. Next will be the Family Cubicle--getting Anne up and ready for school--and then onward to the Work Cubicle, which itself is divided into mini-cubicles. Then the Mom Cubicle--cooking dinner, thing bringing Anne to her drum lesson, then harping after her to do her homework. At some point, I may fit in the Self-Grooming Cubicle, which includes showering and getting dressed in something other than these sweaty workout clothes.

At night, I feel cubicle-less. Nights are random. Wash dishes, maybe clean some house, mostly just whine about how tired I am and try to get my daughter to go to sleep. I really hate evenings. Everyone is home, and I feel as if life has no order. No neat cubicle. Finally, late, too late, I might stop into the Reading Cubicle for a bit.

I miss so many cubicles during the day. The Piano Cubicle. The Voice Cubicle. The Running Cubicle. The Meditation Cubicle.

So if my life was an office building, it would have a lot of dusty, neglected cubicles, along with a few that are worn from so much use.

I need to rearrange the cubicles.

I'm doing better, though. I've been exercising every morning--that's one cubicle that's gotten a lot more use lately. I'm also planning meals, which takes more time, but it's better than falling into a rut, which is what we'd done.

And now it's 7:12 a.m. and my Writing Cubicle is about to close for the day. Time to move on to the Family Cubicle.

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