Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Appear to be Surviving December

It's only the third day of Christmas, but the big day, of course, is over. And I've survived. I made it through all the Girl Scout stuff, Anne's birthday, her birthday party a week later, and Christmas. There were a few teary, crazy moments here and there, but overall I appear to be doing well.

This is such a big deal. The me of five or ten years ago would be a depressed mess curled up in a corner, scared to leave the house. It's been an extremely social past few weeks; we've had a lot of people in our house between the Girl Scout float project, Anne's birthday party, and dinners with friends. There were three times in December that we had over 15 guests at a time. This, friends, is an introvert's nightmare. But ...

I've been okay. I know I'm not turning into an extravert, but it's been okay. I'm not sure why, but I'm not going to think about it too much.

So, Christmas. It was such a good Christmas for our little family. Santa was quite generous; Anne asked for books, crafts, and stuffed animals, and she got some of each. She also got several games--Battleship, Clue, Mille Bornes, and a chess set. The big present was an air hockey table that converts to a ping-pong table. That's down in our basement, which Dan and I have decided to convert into a game room. Not that we had any games at the time, but the table and an electronic darts set are a good start.

My big present was a guitar. Miraculously, I remember a lot of what I learned back at my week-long guitar class at Singin' River Ranch in the mid-80s. (That would be a D chord, an A chord, a G chord, a C chord, and an F chord, along with a few minors and dominant sevenths--enough to play several hundred songs!) So yesterday I started toughening up my fingertips, playing "This Land Is Your Land," "You Are My Sunshine," "Magic Penny," "Rock My Soul," "Puff the Magic Dragon," and several other songs that make me dream of folk-singer stardom.

Dan got some good stuff, too, but nothing too exciting. I think his favorite thing is the ping-pong table. We played two out of three last night and I whupped him. I think we have a lot of fun ahead of us with that table.

So it was a good Christmas. Dan and I are happy, which isn't something I've been able to say the past few Christmases. It seems like a lot of people who were unhappy earlier this year--people whose marriages have crumbled, people who have lost their homes to fire and flooding, people who have had serious money problems--had good Christmases, surrounded by family, living in borrowed homes, benefiting from the generosity of friends. That's been good.

This is just a check-in since I left my journal at the office, which is why it (like many of my recent posts) is pretty ho-hum. Not that I need to apologize for my three readers. but there it is. I hope all three of you had a good Christmas and are enjoying your holidays. More later. (Maybe I'll even do a "year in review" post next week!)

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