Sunday, September 18, 2016

First Foray Back into Running

Today I went on my first run since October of last year, which I injured my knee. The knee injury would somehow turn into a hip/groin injury that rendered me unable to walk normally, much less run, for months.

I've been in physical therapy since last spring, and I'm ready to start running in small bits again. I'm not training for any kind of a race, though I'm tempted to sign up for something short and far in the future--a New Year's 5K to ring in 2017, perhaps.

But I'm scared. I'd love to think of today's workout as "my first day of being a runner again," but I'm scared my knee will pinch again, or that my left leg will suddenly freeze up with the hip/groin pain that has plagued me all year. I've been hiking up and down hills for a couple of months with very little pain, but ... running? That's a whole 'nother ball game. I love running, and I love what running does for me--my health, my sense of well-being, my emotional balance. I know that one day I'll probably have to say, "Okay, no more running" ... but I was hoping that day would come when I'm 85 or 90. Not 45.

So I'm going to take it slow. Today I did a simple, 30-minute walk/run workout with a five-minute warm-up followed by intervals of two minutes walking and three minutes jogging at a 10:55 pace. I finished up with a five-minute cool-down and ended up going about two and a quarter miles.

Not bad for the first run. I felt good. My hips and knee felt good. Following my PT's instructions, I focused on not letting my pigeon-toes point inward and making sure I use good form. I was able to run three minutes each time with no problem; nothing wrong with my aerobic health.

The plan for tomorrow is to do core work, and then another easy walk/run again on Tuesday. And then weight training on Wednesday. And then ...

Yep. Today is my first day of being a runner again. Or at least it's the day that I start getting myself back into shape.

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