Sunday, October 19, 2014

Things I Would Rather Do Than Write

Here's a short list of things I would, at this moment, rather do than write:

1. Work out.
2. Eat chocolate.
3. Watch TV.
4. Do logic puzzles.
5. Do math puzzles.
6. Play piano.
7. Go hiking with my husband and kid.
8. Fold clothes.
9. Vacuum.
10. Clean the bathrooms.
11. Take a walk.
12. Go for a run.
13. Look at old pictures on Facebook.
14. Phone a friend.
15. Dance.

Considering I would rather do math puzzles and clean bathrooms than write, you can imagine how desperately I've been avoiding writing this past week.

But . . .

The Hubster said he will never support me in my writing endeavors again if I don't finish this book. So I have to finish it. And I have to finish it before the end of the month. October 31 is my set-in-stone deadline.

So. It's time to get started. It's noon and the Hubster and Scout have gone hiking--something I really wanted to do, but I told myself I'm not allowed to have fun until I finish this thing.

So. Now that I've procrastinated for another 30 minutes since starting this blog post, I guess I'll write.

Either that, or floss. Or crack all of my knuckles. Again.

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