Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daybook Entry for Tuesday, June 25

Outside my window ... who knows what is outside my window? The blinds are closed and the windows in this room are behind me anyway.

I am thinking ... that Scout is going to be up any minute.

I am thankful ... for the word "trump," which is what we call a fart in our family. The word makes me laugh every time.

In the kitchen … my counter is clean! That almost never happens!

I am wearing … my old glasses that make me wonder if I'm going to be prescribed bifocals the next time I go to the eye doctor.

I am creating … a plan for Scout's early education. Of course, it involves money, which we do not have, so I'm also creating a plan for somehow putting away that nonexistent money for Scout's education.

I am going to … work out today, for the first time in weeks. I will.. I really will.

I am wondering ... if we're going to watch The Sound of Music yet again today.

I am hoping ... we can afford a classical education for Scout.

I am looking forward to ... seeing my parents again. They'll be back in NC soon.

I am learning ... my way around our new town.

Around the house … there are still boxes to be unpacked and clothes to be hauled off to Goodwill. I'm thinking there will always be boxes to be unpacked and clothes to be hauled off to Goodwill.

I am pondering ... the challenges of being alone with a three-year-old for hours at a time. I do some things well as a mom, but motherhood definitely does not come naturally to me.

I am (re-)reading ... nothing at the moment. I'm between books.

I am (still) watching ... The Sound of Music at least once a day.

I am listening to ... the blessed silence of a house where I am the only one awake. I love that sound. I wish I could drag myself out of bed earlier so I can hear more of it.

One of my favorite things ... is Scout's love for music and dancing.

A favorite quote for today: Sorry ... I'm too lazy to look up a quote for today.

A few plans for the rest of the week include … vacation-planning. Blah.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Daybook Entry for Monday, June 17

Outside my window ... are so many trees I can barely see the sky. Ah, life in my little tree-full neighborhood.

I am thinking ... about how good coffee really is, first thing in the morning.

I am thankful ... for The Sound of Music. (Yes, Scout and I are still on that kick.) Sure, it has its cheesy moments, but they are far outweighed by the wonderful music and singing. And that gazebo scene between Maria and Captain von Trapp ... I've seen it at least a dozen times in the past week, and probably twenty more times in my life, and it still renders my little heart all a-flutter.

In the kitchen … are the leftovers of a cherry crisp dessert that I made Hubster for Father's Day. It was pretty good. Scout helped me make it. It was a little sad when she tasted it and didn't like it. (It was good; she just has a problem with the texture of most fruits and doesn't like to eat berries.)

I am wearing … my jammies and an oversized sweatshirt that belonged to Hubster's dad. I normally wouldn't write a blog post first thing in the morning, but I left my journal in the car and am too lazy to go get it.

I am creating … a home. We've come a long way toward settling in. There are still pictures to hang, and we still need to find a cheap dresser, and our garage is a mess, but the house is definitely looking more and more like a home.

I am going to … work on a story today! For the first time in three weeks!

I am wondering ... why I can't wake up in the mornings. I want to wake up and work out, but it's like I'm drugged when the alarm goes off. All I want to do is snuggle up next to the Hubster and go back to sleep.

I am hoping ... we can stay in this town, in this house, for a while. Hubster's work and promotion regulations pretty much rule out staying here forever, but I'd like to be here for a full year at least.

I am looking forward to ... the week ahead. This is really pretty amazing, considering my life experience with severe depression. Depressed people don't look forward to anything, except maybe the nothingness of death. Ah, better living through chemistry!

I am learning ... to recite the entire Sound of Music movie. That was never a life goal of mine, I must admit, but it's kind of neat to have it all in my brain like that.

Around the house … the dust motes are collecting. Time to begin shifting the focus from "moving in" to "housekeeping."

I am pondering ... how Scout and I will spend the day, now that her babysitter has texted me to say her son is sick.

I am (re-)reading ... Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider.

I am watching ... nothing at the moment. But Scout and I will probably watch The Sound of Music at least once today. :-)

I am listening to ... the dishwasher running in the kitchen, and Hubster puttering around in his room. Oh ... and there's Hubster's cell phone going off. The work week has begun!

One of my favorite things ... is how Scout likes to "switch roles" with me. Lately, we'll sit on two pillows on the living room floor and she'll say "You're the little baby and I'm the big mama." She'll turn and "buckle" me into my car seat, and then ask me if I want a snack and a drink. Then, she'll ask what song I want to hear. I have to say either "Do-Re-Mi" or "My Favorite Things" because those are the only two she has memorized (so far). So the pretend-presses a button on the dash and starts singing. She tells me that we're going "to the playground, and then to Ingle's [the grocery store], and then home." When we get to the "playground," she tells me that I need to leave Froggie in the car so he doesn't get dirty. Then she slides open the pretend van door and "unbuckles" me, and then we play on a pretend playground. (We do go to "real" playgrounds with the weather is nice!)

A favorite quote for today: Here's another one from Emerson: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

A few plans for the rest of the week include … finishing up some paperwork on the sale of our house, planning the week's meals, cleaning up around the house, exercising, planning a visit to our old town so Scout can see her old friends and I can hang out at my old coffee shop, and planning a visit to my sister's (30 minutes away from our new house) so Scout can play with her cousin Ella.

Pic O' Week:
From a year or so ago ... one of the first words Scout learned to spell.
It's where we'll be going for Phase I of our road-tripping family-visiting vacation.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daybook Entry for Tuesday, June 11

Outside my window ... is a parking lot, but I almost wouldn't know it for all the trees. The wind is blowing lightly on this beautiful afternoon--the first non-rainy day in over a week.

I am thinking ... about how I miss my Franklin friends now that we have moved away. I'm also thinking about how glad I am today to have some quiet time, with Hubster at work and Scout with a babysitter.

I am thankful ... for Julie Andrews. Scout has moved from her Mary Poppins obsession to a Sound of Music obsession (of course I had nothing to do with that ... ha ha). So much listening so so many of these wonderful songs has made me realize that this woman whom I will probably never meet has enriched my life beyond measure. She's done the same for so many people, of course, but she's made my world better and happier and more free, and that's why I'm thankful.

In the kitchen … everything is unpacked and put away, even the baking supplies that got left in the garage and were coated with cocoa (the lid popped off) when we finally found it.

I am wearing … tan hiking pants and a t-shirt (pretty much my uniform these days). Today's t-shirt features a turtle with a hiking pole, and it says "live your dreams."

I am creating … I wish I could say "a poem" or "a story" or even "a song," but the truth is, I've been pretty focused on moving for the past week. Hubster hasn't been able to help much (because of work and night meetings), so I've done a lot of the work myself, often with Scout at home and wanting me to stop and play with her. Which of course I do. But starting today, I'm giving myself time to write in the mornings. We're finally moved in enough that I can start thinking about developing some semblance of a routine again.

I am going to … love living closer to my family.

I am wondering ... if one of my college friends no longer considers me a friend. And I'm thinking that she would be justified in not wanting to be in contact with me. I know she's probably just busy and I'm probably just being paranoid, but I still have that empty feeling in my chest--that "rejection" feeling.

I am hoping ... to start my ChaLEAN Extreme workouts again tomorrow. A relative of mine has degenerative bone disease and is having a very hard time. Because I'm a petite white girl who avoided milk for the first half of my life, I fall into the "most at risk for osteoporosis" category. Of course I've made sure to get my calcium, etc., in other ways for many years now, but I know that a major defense against osteoporosis is weight training. So I'm ready, after a 10-day break, to get back to it.

I am looking forward to ... the day when we're all settled in and there are no more boxes to unpack.

I am learning ... my way around Asheville again. :-)

Around the house … messes rule. Boxes, stuff for Goodwill, stuff yet to be put away ... they're all there, and I think they're reproducing when I'm asleep or away from home.

I am pondering ... the power of music, literature, and visual art to touch our souls in a way nothing else can.

I am reading ... lots of books to Scout, and not enough books to myself. Meanwhile, Inferno awaits ...

One of my favorite things ... is a college picture of me with my dear friend Amy. (Can you tell I'm looking through old stuff that brings up memories?) We are each holding a half-empty bottle of Boone County Strawberry Hill wine and we look as happy as we felt ... which was pretty happy!

A favorite quote for today: Scout was singing along to "Something Good," one of the songs from a sound of music. After singing the line "Somewhere in my youth, or childhood," she stopped, turned to me, and asked, "Mommy, what's childhood?"

A few plans for the rest of the week include … settling into my new little house!

A picture thought for this week:

Finally some quiet time at The Green Sage Coffee House and Cafe in Asheville

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