Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life is Better

I know my last couple of posts haven't been paragons of optimism, but hey--I'm a pessimist at heart. However, I do have some great news to share here on this lil ole blog.

I've started a new medication. It has been amazing. A miracle, really. I actually look forward to taking it in the mornings and evenings. I am now able to function, and I don't feel sick all the time. I've put on a few pounds (which I needed to do), so I no longer look like a sick person. Not only that, but I've written drafts to several short stories. I've become more perceptive. I'm learning how to see again. Life is good.

On top of that, my three-year-old is adorable and precocious. She's whiny on occasion, and can be stubborn as hell, but she's mostly adorable. Her latest game (which is driving me crazy) is to say something like, "You're Megan [my sister] and I'm Ella [Megan's daughter, and Anne's cousin]." Or "I'm Daddy and you're Anne." Or "I'm Mo [her best friend] and you're Angela [Mo's mom]." And then we pretend we're those people. Yesterday she decided, halfway through her PB&J sandwich, that she didn't like PB&J because "I'm Ella, and Ella doesn't like sandwiches" (which is true). It was cute the first couple of times, but after a few weeks of it, I want to yell, "No! You're Anne and I'm Mommy! Let's leave it at that, kid!"

But she really is a sweetie. I'm happy to be well enough now to enjoy her.

That's about it for this update. That, and I can't wait for spring to spring. This will be the first spring in years and years that I've had the leisure to hit the hiking trails in the area--and Anne is now old enough to hike, even if she can't go very far yet.

Until next time ...


eArThworm said...

I'm happy when YOU'RE happy, so I'm ecstatic!

Anya said...

Good for you, Waterfall!
(and my Imogen loves playing the same make-believe game...too bad we don't live closer! :)

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