Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Motivated

I'm going to blog now because I'm not feeling motivated. I slept two hours later than planned (but that's OK since I needed the sleep), and now I have quite a bit of work to do before my first class begins at 12:30 today.

It's been a special treat this semester not to have any morning classes!

My classes this week have gone really well. My freshman comp class has an in-class essay today, which means little to no class prep for me. So I'm feeling lazy. Even though I have plenty of other work that needs to be done--finishing up prep for my creative writing class, writing two critiques, reading three essays that students want to enter in a contest, grading three essays (that's an hour's work there, just grading the essays) ... it's a lot.

So why am I being lazy?

I'm pretty exhausted. A couple of people at Dan's job resigned recently, so he is having to do both their jobs in addition to his own. Many days he's having to travel at least two hours, one way, to get to meetings because one of the former employee's districts was in the Banner Elk area. That's a long way from Franklin! With him gone most nights (and gone early most days), I'm left to do much of the parenting, plus teach my five classes.

The semester has gotten busy. My literature students have turned in their second essays (drafts) and we're just finishing up process analysis in my freshman comp class. My professional writing students are working on research papers. In addition to grading and class prep, I've been meeting with a lot of students one-on-one, and also e-mailing comments on work-in-progress that they send me. Busy, busy, busy!

I'm getting my work done between 3:30 and 7:30 a.m.. Then I get ready for school, and then I wake Anne up and get her ready for school. After dropping her off at 9:15, I go to the library or the coffee shop or home to finish getting ready for the day's classes. From noon to 5:15, I'm at school, teaching and meeting with students and doing school-stuff. At 5:30 I pick up Miss Anne and we go to the playground or the library (or to the Appalachian Trail for a short hike when the weather is nice). Then home. Plant her in front of YouTube or the TV (yes, I'm one of those moms after all), cook and eat dinner, get her bath, and hope I don't crash before she does. Then Dan gets home at some point.

It's been a tiring semester! I am looking forward to summer, when I have only a couple of classes and very little class prep because I've taught them enough time now that I feel "ready."

And in the fall, I'll have various sections of only two classes--freshman comp and professional writing. I'll have very little class prep to do at all. Definitely looking forward to that!

For now, I need to grade some papers and write a critique and prep for a class. Yawn. Or maybe I'll go back to sleep.

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