Friday, October 21, 2011


For the last couple of weeks, I've kept a very detailed spreadsheet showing how I spend my time, measured in 15-minute-increments.

As I looked at the pie chart showing how my time was divided between my four primary modes (work, sleep, "mommy"/family time, and "personal" time), I yawned and thought, "I'll sure be glad when December is over."

I won't give you the number of hours each slice of the pie represents,
but I will tell you that "personal time" got four whole hours this week.

I'm loving life, but I sure am tired. And if you're waiting for me to e-mail or call you ... well, you know why I've been behind in any and all social correspondence for the past six months.

I'm ready for December 12 (the last day of the fall semester) and December 31 (the last day of development season at work) to get here!

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B said...

Ugh - I feel for you! I hope the time flies also!!

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