Monday, October 31, 2011

More Cute Stuff I Don't Want to Forget

All the cute things are piling up, one on top of the other. If I had enough time to journal every day, I'd be writing them all down. Alas, I must pilfer time from paper-grading in order to record these most important little moments of life.

- GG and Paw Paw (my parents) visited yesterday and last night. As we finished eating dinner last night, Anne started yelling, "Up! Up!" (Which is her way of saying she wants to be excused.) "Anne, say 'Up, please,'" I corrected her. So she said, "Up, please." And then I added, "Up, please, Mommy," and she said, "Up, please ..." and then, after looking at my mom, "Up, please, GG!"

- I made cookies last night. My parents must think I make cookies all the time, because I always make them when they visit. Thing is, the only time I have time to make them is when they visit. Anyway, Anne has a cookie at 9:00 last night, and then she wanted another one. I didn't want her to have too much sugar, but I finally relented and gave her one, saying, "Now, you need to share that with Paw Paw." She put that cookie in her mouth, started to walk toward Paw Paw in the living room, and then cut away and sprinted to her room. She wanted the cookie for herself!

- She can now climb the chair into her booster seat. Not that we let her do that, of course,

- She and I have a "little steps, big steps" walk that we do. I'll yell, "Little steps!" and we suddenly both start taking tiny little steps. Then I'll yell "Big steps!" and we kick our legs out to make big steps. Then I'll yell "Little steps!" again, and we go back to the little steps. It's a fun game, and we both love it.

- Last night when I was eating a chocolate-chip cookie, Anne pointed to my mouth and said, "Mommy! Chocolate teeth!"

- Speaking of teeth, she loves to brush her teeth. Sometimes she'll brush them two or three times in a row.

- Her toothpaste has the character "Little Bear" on the tube. I love hearing her say "Little Bear." It sounds something like, "Lidduh Beaw."

- Last night we had soup for dinner. It had pasta shells in it. My dad made up the word "Pasta-poosta," and Anne repeated it. It was so cute, so we laughed, so she repeated it. Again and again. "Pasta-poosta!"

- We'll get into these "yes-no-yes-no" conversations. For example, I'll say, "Anne, finish your green beans," and she'll say, "No." I'll say, "Yes," and then she'll say "No." Etc. After six or eight yes-no-yes-no's, I'll spring a "No" on her. She stops and looks quizzically at me. But she doesn't get tricked into saying "Yes"!

- She loves to play the piano. She loves music. I love this.

- She's actually starting to look like me, after almost two years of looking just like her daddy. It's amazing what a little bit of hair will do!

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Rene' said...

I love this post! It's great to record these memories and have them to look back on. I love the pasta-poosta!

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