Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cute Anne Things

Just jotting these down so I won't forget them ...

- She loves to help me cook and bake. I let her add all the ingredients, and she likes to watch everything combine in the stand mixer. I let her smell the spices as I use them. Fortunately, she hasn't suddenly sneezed at the precise moment the spice bottle is in front of her nose.

- She did ruin one bottle of parsley flakes. Instead of sprinkling it daintily onto the raw tilapia, she played Whack-A-Fish with it. Fortunately, we were almost out of parsley flakes anyway.

- When we eat dinner, she'll hold a spoon of her food out to me and say, "Mommy hungry?"

- She spoke her first five-word sentence (that we know of) a few days ago: "I like more yogurt, please."

- She is so over Elmo. She is so over Peppa Pig. She's all about Mary Poppins now. This is one I hope she doesn't outgrow. I've certainly never outgrown it.

- She loves, loves, loves to dance. Her favorite dance partner is Froggy. Her favorite dance move is the old twirl-till-you-fall-down number.

- She is crazy about her grandparents, GG and Paw Paw. Her first four-word sentence was a few weeks ago: "GG have more cauliflower."

- Her taste in food is nothing like mine. She eschews most sweets and would rather munch on a raw onion or celery stalk than on a candy bar. (Let's hope she stays this way!)

- She's not a complete health nut. She loves butter and would eat it by the stick if we let her.

- She loves jelly, too. If we give her jelly toast, she licks all the jelly off, and then hands us back the toast, asking for "more."

- We definitely have a little extrovert on our hands. Weird to think an extrovert could come from my loins. She definitely gets that from her daddy.

- She's started to sing! She's always loved music, but she's actually trying to sing now, and it's so cute! She does a decent "Do, re, mi, fa," and can sing the "oh-oh-oh-oh" between verses in "Alouette." (And she is so cute when she points to her mouth and says, "la bouche"!)

- On Oct. 6, she and I went to the store to get her Uncle Ghent a birthday card. She picked one out for him. It was a cute card, with a picture of a cat who looked like our Beau on the cover. When we got home, I did as I often do with birthday cards: I put it on the table and promptly forgot about it. A week and a half later, Anne said she wanted to call her Uncle Ghent (which was odd because, of all the people in my family, she sees/knows him the least). When he picked up the phone, she said, "Birthday card!" She ran to the table, where the birthday card was still sitting. So, we mailed him his birthday card. A week or so late.

- It is so cute to hear her say certain words and phrases. "Alouette" is one, and so is "cauliflower." And "alligator." And "chocolate cake." And "pretty please," as well as "please, mommy."

- Speaking of "mommy," I think she says this word an average of 270 times every five minutes.

- She adores her almost-three-year-old cousin Ella. Anne's first spontaneous "I love you" was to her last week.

- Anne is so unbelievably friendly. She says "hi" to everyone. And if a child is crying or otherwise looks unhappy, she offers her Froggy to the child. As if, since Froggy always makes her feel better, he must have the same effect on others!

And now? For an update on me? Shall we use bullet points on this one as well?

- I'm buried. Buried in school work and buried in tech writing work, so deep that I hardly know which way is up.

- I seem physically and mentally incapable of uttering the words, "Not now, sweetie, Mommy's busy working." If I'm grading papers and Anne wants to dance to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," well, by golly, I'm going to dance.

I have a class to teach at 8:00, eight hours of tech writing after that, and 18 papers to grade before noon tomorrow. Yeah, it'll all get done.

Unless Anne wants to dance.

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lifeinlimits said...

Nina, Anne is just the sweetest thing. It sounds like she is one empathetic, thoughtful, smart little girl! :)

And you. Sounds like you are living another semester of Superwoman. :) But I love that dancing with your daughter *always* comes first. That is more beautiful than you know and it inspires me.

Have a great week!

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