Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Details by Number, and a Fun Elmo Video

Well, here I am again.

I’ve made a few life changes, and it’s left me little time or inclination for blogging.

1. I’m no longer a full-time technical writer. This is a temporary (summer-only) change, but a much-needed one. I’m working half-days at my tech-writing job.

2. As much as I’d like to spend the other halves of those days with my daughter, I’m not. I’m instead working as an adjunct instructor at the local community college, teaching freshman comp.

3. It’s a good setup, though we’ve had to make some sacrifices for it. I’m very thankful to my company for letting me do this part-time thing.

4. I really, really love teaching. My challenge will be not to push myself too hard. This is a five-week summer session (read: one semester of freshman comp, squeezed into five weeks), and I have 19 students in my class. It will be hard not to push myself too hard.

5. I’m back on antidepressants. Started last week after yet another mini-meltdown. I had a long talk with my doctor, who believes I’ve been suffering from postpartum depression since April 2010. I can believe it. But what could I do? I wasn’t going to stop nursing my sweet one so I could take Prozac.

6. So … we’re weaning. It’s breaking my heart, but it is what it is. Anne has stopped asking for “ba-ba” most nights and some mornings. I’ve quit pumping and taking Fenugreek. The end is near. Sniff, sob.

7. Once we’ve weaned, I look forward to resuming my coffee habit. And having more than one glass of wine if I want.

8. Honestly? I’d like to have about four glasses of wine.

9. On another note, my brilliant daughter now knows her shapes. And how to put on her sandals. And lots of other things I didn’t think she was supposed to know yet.

10. She’s also a huge Elmo fan, thanks to my mom, who showed her “Sesame Street” when we were in Louisiana on vacation. We no longer have TV, but we own three Elmo DVDs (and counting).

11. I might like Elmo as much as Miss Anne does.

12. We love this Adam Sandler video in particular. Enjoy!


B said...

You don't have to wean! I've been on antidepressants for postpartum since almost immediately after Ava's birth, and have taken Zoloft to major success! It's perfectly safe :)

Nina said...

Zoloft gives me migraines. :-( It's the most recommended antidepressant for nursing moms, but I can't take it, or any of the other meds that are supposed to be safe. :-((((((

lifeinlimits said...

I loved #7 and #8! LOL! :) Coffee is so comforting, I think. :)

I'm sorry about the mini-meltdown, but glad that you could be coming out of the miry pit of depression. I have been there and it is not fun. I am praying for you and the letting go of breastfeeding. I know it's emotionally difficult, but it sounds like little Miss Anne is close to being ready! If only it wasn't so hard for us mamas to say good-bye to that sweet time with our little ones. :( Take heart that you are working on making yourself a happier woman and therefore an even better mommy!!!!! XO

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