Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Last Post Before Things Get Crazy Again

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything that I’m just going to hit some random points of what’s been going on in my life. My life is going to get busy in the next few days, so I’ll take advantage of this quiet early morning and post a few things.
-        Work has been deliciously slow. Now, I generally hate for work to be slow, but after seven months of long hours and much weekend work, I’m more than happy to sit back and relax a bit. I even left work at 5:00 on Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t left work that early in forever! After I picked up Anne, we actually had time to go to the playground. And I wasn’t exhausted—what a great feeling, not to be exhausted, and to be able to enjoy my little girl to the fullest!
-        Last week was our Louisiana vacation. It wasn’t quite as relaxing as I’d hoped; once you’re a mom, vacations are never quite vacations again. But it was so awesome to be with Anne every day. She loved it too; in fact, she’s been extremely clingy ever since we got back home. Monday morning, she didn’t want to let go of my leg. Somehow she knew we were back to our usual schedule and that she was going to be away from me all day.
-        My husband’s phone died as we were boarding the plane from Atlanta to Baton Rouge. Folks, this was his CrackBerry BlackBerry. Could this phone failure have been a gift from God? I like to think so.
-        I ate too much while in Louisiana, but I also managed to work out a few times. Not enough to burn off all those fried-shrimpy po-boys and chocolate eggs I consumed, but enough that I didn’t begin hating myself for being such a pig. There’s something wrong with that, isn’t it—that overeating on my part seems to be a justifiable reason for self-loathing.
-        But I don’t run just to ward off the self-loathing (though it helps). I run because, well, I love to run. I’m signed up to run a 5K later this month—my first road race in a year—and I’ve been training when possible (which hasn’t been as often as I’d like, but oh well). Last night I ran a 5K in 29:35 (or something like that), which thrilled me. I’ve been feeling good and enjoying interval work in particular (where I run slow for a bit, then fast, then a slow recovery, then fast, etc.).
-        I didn’t check e-mail much last week, and I read almost no blogs. It was wonderful. I realized how unimportant blogs really are to me. So when I got back home, I went to Google Reader and deleted about 60 blogs, leaving about 20 of the ones I really enjoy—blogs that I feel actually add something valuable to my life.
-        Speaking of being unplugged (sort of), we cancelled our DirecTV this month. We no longer have any channels—just a useless wide-screen in the man Anne cave. We haven’t missed TV yet.
-        Well, that’s mostly true. Anne discovered Sesame Street, specifically Elmo, last week at her grandparents’. She has a Tickle-Me Baby Elmo, but she’d never seen him on TV. Well, she freaked when she saw him on TV. Laughed, pointed, grinned, jumped up and down, etc. She even yelled “Elmo!”—one of her first-ever two-syllable words that aren’t a repeated syllable.
-        So I kind of wish we still had PBS so she could watch the occasional Elmo. Thank goodness for
-        Except with the Internet is down, which it was last night.
-        So we read books and played ball instead, which was probably better.
-        I have a few pictures to share. Like this list, they’re pretty random. Enjoy.
Anne and "Gee" walking to the zoo

"Gee," Froggie, Anne, and me. She loves to hold our hands when we walk.

One of the main reasons I come to Louisiana: Zeke's Sno-Cones.
(Nectar for me, please!)

Zeke's, in all its glory

Anne. I thought this was a cute picture.

An alligator. No, this is not from the zoo. This was one of the "sights"
on a hike on the Lake Martin Levee Trail.


lifeinlimits said...

Yay for a Nina update! So glad you've had some down time (or at least more down than usual). Kudos to you for the 5K! Wow! And we don't have cable anymore either. I hadn't really missed it until this past weekend with all the news! We have found Netflix to be so good - they have a lot of Veggie Tales and other online streaming stuff that the girls like to watch. Much cheaper! And we spend less time surfing channels too. ;)

Nina said...

Yes, I imagine we'll be using Netflix or Hulu, or something like that, every now and then.

Thanks for the comment!

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