Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sad, and Counting the Time

I've been so busy, and feeling really sad. Missing my sweet daughter as we work these long (10-hour) work days this week. I hate missing that sweet girl.

Trying to focus on being thankful that I at least get to see her a few hours a day. It's better than never being able to see her at all. She's alive and healthy and happy (other than some general crankiness this week--seems she misses her mommy, too).

I love my sweet baby. I miss her. And I'm so ready for these long hours to end.

Today, tomorrow, and Monday. And then our company goes back to a "normal" work schedule.

I'm counting the hours. And counting the minutes (about 110 as of right now) until I can hold, and hug, and kiss my sweet li'l boo again.


lifeinlimits said...

Looking forward to it with you!!!! Hang in there, sweet Nina! Hope the hours pass quickly for you....

B said...

Awww! Hang in there - the end of workday Monday is less than 72 glorious hours away, and then you're home free. You can do it!

The dB family said...

Hooray, hooray, you're back to a normal schedule again today!!! Enjoy some extra time with your sweet girl!!


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