Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday #17

I had the most delightful weekend with Miss Anne. We spent all day Saturday together while Dan worked at camp, and then the whole family spent the day together Sunday. Friends, I cannot tell you how rare it is that we have a Saturday like the one we just had--where Anne and I can stay home and have nowhere to go and no one to meet. And it was nice to have family time on Sunday. Sadly, that's not such a common thing, either.

I also got a bit of free time. Sunday morning before church, I got to go out for a short run. While Anne napped that afternoon, I got to lie down for a nap myself. I didn't fall asleep, but at least it was "down time."

(One thing I realized while trying to nap: I have trouble falling asleep at night because, just as I'm drifting into dreamland, I wake up with something like being on the verge of a panic attack. When I wake up in the morning, I can barely open my mouth because I've been clenching my jaw all night. I knew this was happening, but I don't think about it in the light of day. Two hours of trying to fall asleep, and waking up in a mild panic every 15-20 minutes, triggered the memory of what happens to me throughout the night.)

I'm looking forward to a time (if one ever comes) when I'm not teeth-clenchingly stressed. All this decluttering has helped, but I still have a long way to go. Perhaps gratitude will be easier once I get "there." (Ha.) For now, here are a few items I was particularly thankful for last week:

271. weekends with no plans

272. learning to pour water (Anne's latest achievement)

273. healthy, home-cooked food

274. the way the sidewalk glistens in the morning sunlight

275. the sound of my own footfalls as I run

276. wildflowers blooming--particularly the violets

277. phlox, too

Anne and Froggie, picking flowers
278. one little curl

279. a husband who thinks I am beautiful

280. safe journeys home

281. a letter from my Compassion child, written a few days after her birthday, telling me of the specific gifts I "gave" her through a monetary birthday gift

282. how she signed it, "Consuelo, 10 years old"--forgetting she'd just turned 11

283. Romans 8:28 ... and the knowledge that it's all going to work out

284. Anne's two-year-old cousin Ella's compassion: When Anne forgot "Froggie" at their house two weekends ago, Ella took care of him (even taking him to dinner with them, and keeping him in her bed at night) for Anne for the entire week before we could get him again.

285. my husband's generosity. Sometimes it makes me crazy, but I'm ultimately thankful to be married to such a generous man.

286. the first warm days of the year

287. spending them at the playground with Anne

Yes, it was warm enough for a sleeveless top!

And sandals! Giddy-up, you old frog!

Climbing the steps to the "big" slide

288. my friend Jammie, and her journey

289. loving friends so much that their joys are your joys

290. and their sorrows your sorrows, and their tears your tears

291. Anne's kisses

292. Dan's kisses

293. oranges--I have been eating them daily, and they are so yummy!

294. Anne's little "twist-move" on the slide: a third of the way down, she lies down and twists over to her belly

Anne, ready to go down the slide
295. in letting go of books, being able to let go of certain ideas I had about myself ... and being okay with that

296. the way Anne laughs when I pretend to eat her fingers and toes

297. the way Anne laughs, period.

298. Anne's crazy hair that goes every which way, no matter what we do

299. when my mostly unsnuggly (unless you're Froggie) toddler wants to snuggle ... ahhh, it's the sweetest gift in the whole world.

I'll stop here, and save the triumph of reaching #300 for next week. :-)


lifeinlimits said...

Oh, I love #s 289 and 290! I can so relate to those this week.
And I'm so glad you and Anne were able to get some "down" time (oh, and I love her little curl!). I am praying for God to give you good, solid rest tonight, my friend.

lauradroege said...

Snuggly toddlers are great (except in the middle of the night, IMO) and I'm glad you've gotten to have so much fun with Anne. She's adorable.

I hope you can de-stress soon. It's really hard to have a stressed-out body that won't let you sleep peacefully. I know this from experience!

Sarah said...

SO good to remember to do this! Oh man I should be doing this every day :) so great!

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