Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Toddler Tuesday: It's (Apparently) Tool Time!

Is it Tuesday again already?

I won't be posting pictures today, for two reasons: (1) They take so danged long to upload, and (2) I posted enough pictures to last a lifetime in my last post. So go there if you want to see pictures of my Li'l Boo.

Miss Anne has become an avid user of tools.

- She is eating, or trying to eat, from a spoon. She doesn't seem to like the whole finger-feeding thing; she wants utensils. She is clearly more sophisticated than her parents.

- Continuing with Anne's new fascination for tool-usage, she's also begun trying to brush her hair. She surprised me the other night when I was getting ready to brush it after her bath: She took the brush, and, instead of putting it in her mouth as expected, she brought it to her head and started to brush her hair. I couldn't believe it!

- She did something similar with her toothbrush last night. I had finished brushing her teeth when she took the toothbrush in her hand, put it in her mouth, and started brushing it back and forth on her little front teeth.

I never thought, "OK, it's time to teach her how to use a spoon/hairbrush/toothbrush." I've never made an effort to get her to use any of those things. She just decided on her own that it was time, I guess. Now, let's hope she'll be the same way with potty training!

Here are some other random observations I've made recently:

- She is still not a big eater, at least not compared to what I'm reading by other December 2009 moms in the blogosphere.

- She's allergic to something. We're not sure what it is. She doesn't seem to react consistently to any one thing. But when she does react, her face breaks out in hives. I mentioned it to the doctor at her appointment last week, but he didn't seem very concerned. Now I'm kicking myself for not standing my ground and saying, "I understand, but I'd like a referral for her to be tested for allergies." So we were supposed to go back to the doctor yesterday, but we're having to reschedule because of the snow.

- She is now a speed demon on the stairs.

- She is into everything. For example, she tried last night to get into her diaper pail. "No," I said, and stepped in front of the diaper pail. So she moved on to the box of pail liners next to the diaper pail and, quick as lightning, started to pull the liners out. "No," I said, and picked up the box and put it in the top of her closet. One second later, when I looked back down at her, she was pulling books off her bookcase. "Let's read just one book at a time," I said, and put all but one book back. But by then, she was three feet away, trying to remove the plastic childproofing cover from the electrical socket.

I had to laugh--both at her persistence and at my suggestion to "read just one book at a time." As if I have ever, in my life, read "just one book at a time." She's seen the tower of books on my nightstand. She knows we never read "just one book at a time" in this family.

Speaking of books, I'll be posting my initial thoughts on the Your Secret Name Read-Along later on. Stay tuned!


The dB family said...

Lol! Little Miss Anne is at a very fun stage. She's adorable! This is when us moms need to be on our toes! I laughed at the one book comment too. It's the same here. Between Murray, the kids, and I there can be ten books (or more sometimes) lying around. I NEVER read just one book at a time. I will pick up whatever one the mood strikes and read.


Miz Delphi Chassis said...

I would try an elimination diet with Miss Anne. Common allergens at this age are dairy, wheat and citrus (and citrus is really mostly just a reaction to the acidity, and not necessarily an allergy). I'm guessing it's not a nut allergy, since you probably haven't introduced it yet, or have only recently introduced it, so I doubt that it's that. You could also begin a food diary, listing everything she eats at each meal, and the times she gets hives. That might help you pinpoint the culprit. Good luck. Food allergies suck.

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