Monday, September 13, 2010

Life Lately, 9/13/10

It's a good thing I'm not blogging much these days. Here are a few things I wrote in my personal journal today:

I'm at the iei doctor ritenow

Dint fele comfortble wit hthat

Its hard to ritte wite writte writtt with theis ths pen

As ual they seme two be runing laete

Yes. Seriously. This is how I'm writing these days. Perhaps I shouldn't admit that. I am a professional writer, after all, and people from work read this blog. I'm usually really good at spelling. I knew as I misspelled things today that I was spelling them wrong, and I even tried to correct them a few times. As you can see, it wasn't worth the effort.

I'm spelling things correctly at work, for some reason. Actually, I'm not, but that's the joy of programs like Word and Framemaker. Mistakes are deleted and corrected in an instant. My handwritten errors are there forever.

So, I'm possibly losing my mind, or else I'm just really tired. I've found that the two go hand in hand, so I guess that's what's happening now.

So, here are a few updates on life:

- My parents both had birthdays recently. We spent a day this past weekend with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and niece Ella. Miss Anne loves her cousin Ella. Of course, she wants to play with whatever Ella is playing with. Ella, who is almost two years old, would say, "No, Baby Anne" whenever Anne would try to grab her toy. It was cute. Ella was good about sharing, but I think she lost some patience with Miss Anne, who was relentless in her pursuit of Ella's selected toys.

- Work is getting very busy. I usually look forward to the craziness of development season. Not this year. I'm just tired. Want to lie down and sleep for the winter. That is all.

- I played piano for church yesterday. I played pretty well, except for one big, screaming blooper in the intro to the Doxology. Oops. Funny because I made the same blooper last time I played for church. It isn't a difficult intro to play. I just messed up on it twice. Sigh. But it wasn't a big deal. Funny how I would have stressed about something like that a few years ago, when I was at the height of my pianistic skills. Now I'm kind of like, "Eh ... whatever."

- I volunteered to play piano for church more often. I really do love playing hymns. I can't sing, so it's the one way I can really participate in congregational singing. Plus, when I'm at the piano, the choir is three feet from me. And I love hearing their four-part harmony as I play.

- Whenever everyone is singing the hymns, Anne makes this funny guttural, growling noise the whole time. At first, I wasn't sure what was wrong with her, what she was complaining about ... and then I realized: She's singing!

- Anne is now nine months old. She's developing her fine motor skills, learning to pick up food and feed herself, stack smaller cups into larger cups, and stack rings. I'm more in love with her than ever. And I'm finally at the point where I have trouble remembering what life was like before her.

That's about it for today. Stay tuned for another exciting blog entry ... in about a month or so!


Kim said...

I love playing for congregational singing, too, because I love to hear the singing!

I remember when my daughter was about two and some of the girls at our church were learning "Take the Name of Jesus With You," and all she could sing was "Precious name, oh how sweet!" and she would sing it over and over and over. Precious memories. Sounds like your little Anne is making some for you.

Anya said...

Hey - I also love to play hymns for congregational singing!

Thanks for the update... my blog has suffered through this entire pregnancy... 5 tiny weeks to go!! :-)

Jammie J. said...

when reading your blog today, I thought it was one of those weird reading/brain compensation tests. To find out it was really what your wrote in your journal cracked me up.

I love that Anne loves to sing. My nephews dance when music plays, and my little niece squawks. Funny how sound translates into their little brains. :)

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