Thursday, July 8, 2010

Li'l Boo Update

Scout was such a great nickname while Li'l Boo was in the womb. I didn't plan for it to "stick" once she was born, but I didn't plan for it not to, either. I figured I'd just wait and see what happened.

Well, she's Li'l Boo. I didn't plan that. It just happened. She's not nicknamed after Boo Radley or anything. She's just a Li'l Boo. Or a Sweet Li'l Boo. Or a Darlin' Li'l Boo. Or a Purty Li'l Boo. I just look at her, and that's the name that comes to mind: Li'l Boo.

So, I'll give you an update on Li'l Boo. I'll add pictures later, so check back.

1. Li'l Boo will be seven months old on Monday.

2. Li'l Boo, also known as Anne, cut her first tooth last week. She's working on a second.

3. Despite her new tooth/teeth, Li'l Boo is not yet a fan of solid food. She's still on breastmilk almost exclusively. I've tried to give her solid (strained) food on several occasions (including every night for two weeks after she turned six months), but she is simply not interested. She makes a sour face and inserts her thumb into her mouth, as if to say, "No more." It's cute. I suppose I could force her to eat solid food, but I'm just waiting until she seems more interested.

4. She started drinking out of her sippy cup about a month ago. She loves water. Loves it, loves it, loves it. Perhaps she'll grow up to be like her mama and never go anywhere without a 64-oz water bottle.

5. She can crawl a foot or so. She's trying very hard to crawl.

6. She started pulling herself up to her feet (yes, that's the standing position) a couple weeks ago. I was shocked, as she's not supposed to be doing this yet. After I found her standing in her crib one night, we had to lower the crib. Standing! My Li'l Boo! Hard to believe.

7. She's also taking little steps if you hold her hands while she's standing.

8. Her favorite book is Where's My Sweetie Pie? by Ed Emberley. She loves books.

9. She still loves piano and plays every day.

10. Li'l Boo has the unladylike habit of spitting. "Blowing raspberries," it's called. It sounds like farting. She learned to do this a couple months ago, then stopped, then started up again last week. It's hilarious but very messy. I'm wondering at what age I should start telling her that isn't acceptable.

11. We have a new sitter! This woman is more of what I think of as a "nanny" than a sitter. She's wonderful. I think Li'l Boo misses her old sitter, but she loves her new one, too.

12. Li'l Boo goes to bed around 8:30 at night and doesn't wake up until 5:00 or so the next morning. Then, after I nurse her, she goes back to sleep for two more hours.

OK, so those are some of the highlights on Li'l Boo. I have a million pictures to download, but Hubster has the camera at camp, so I can't download 'em till this weekend. Sorry.


eArThworm said...

Brings back such wonderful memories of when my two children--now 'elderly'--were little babes. Soak it in now, gal!

Somebodyfixme PC Repair said...

We called ours "blueberry" and even got a "onesie" that said blueberry so when she was born we could see how big this blueberry hard grown from the womb

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