Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Few Pictures of Anne

Anne is five months old in these pictures. She turned six months this past weekend. She is a happy, active, and very talkative baby. Her favorite thing to say is "da-da-da-da-da." She loves to roll around on the floor, she holds her arms out when she wants to be picked up, and she's almost able to sit up on her own. She's also trying her darnedest to crawl!

So, here are a few pictures.

She's getting a little big for her swing, but she still loves it. We've moved it into the kitchen so I can keep an eye on her while I cook, get her bottles ready, etc.

Here she is, enjoying the jumperoo I found for her on craigslist.org. She's learned that "camera" means "flash" and instinctively closes her eyes just a few seconds before I take her picture ... and I've learned to turn off the flash unless it's absolutely necessary!

Yes, she's at that age where everything goes into the mouth. I think she's teething, though I haven't been able to feel anything different in her gums.

Enjoying her jumperoo. This is definitely her favorite toy these days.

Here she is with her old favorite toy, the baby gym. She's almost able to sit up on her own, as you can see here. And she loves, loves, loves her thumb. (And how do you like that mohawk?)

I won't make any promises to blog more often or post more pictures. These days, if I have time to go to the bathroom when I need to, I'm doing better than usual. So blogging will continue to be spotty, and writing will continue to be boring, in the future.


Kim said...

So precious! She is quite photogenic, too!

Dana Huff said...

So cute!

Anya said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, Waterfall! Anne is getting so big...what a cutie!
I always enjoy your blog.

Stacey said...

OMG her is such a cutie punkin pie I wuv her.

(What. I lose my grammar skills around cute babies. Don't judge me.)

Seriously, cuz, she is adorable. I cannot wait to meet her.

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