Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hubster came down with a cold last week that had him in bed for several days. Meanwhile, Anne and I developed scratchy throats and coughs, but not quite what I would call "colds."

I hate hearing my little baby cough. It breaks my heart. The pediatrician said to "bring her in" if she gets fever or her coughs starts sounding raspy and rattly. So far, she seems to be her happy, sweet self. She even slept through the night two nights a row, so it isn't keeping her from sleeping. She just coughs her little dry cough every few minutes.

Still, I hate hearing her cough.

Last night, I was feeling feverish, so I took my temperature to find that I was at 100 degrees. It's down to 99 today. I decided to stay home from work and rest. It's not like me to stay home from work unless I'm deathly ill. But my body is clearly fighting against this. I want to give it all the energy it needs, and I do not want to be in bed for almost a week like Hubster was. So I'm here at home, and Anne is at the sitter's, where Hubster took her on his way to work.

My brain is so full of to-do lists. Since I'm at home, with no baby to look after, I'm suddenly thinking of all the things I need to do: go to the grocery store, K-Mart, the health food store, the children's consignment store. Walk or run, whichever my aching back will allow me to do. Write thank-you notes. And wouldn't it be nice for Hubster to come home to a slow-cooked roast and a homemade loaf of bread?

Then I think, "Maybe I would get more rest if I were at work."

I'm making a real effort not to be productive today, and I've mostly succeeded. I've lain in bed most of the morning, alternately sleeping and reading. I've checked e-mail only a couple of times. I'm washing clothes, but that's hardly "work." Part of me really wants to attack this house with a broom, a mop, a gallon of Clorox, and a bottle of Lysol. Then a persistent little voice in my head is of course crying, "Write! Play piano! Now that you have time!" And that roast and homemade bread would be so nice ...

But, no. I need to rest. Drink my Breathe Easy tea, sleep, read my Mayflower book, sleep, listen to the clothes going round and round in the dryer, sleep. JUST REST. That's all I need to do today. And hopefully I'll be back to work tomorrow.


Anya said...

Take it easy, Waterfall! Thanks for continuing to post!

Jammie J. said...

It's always hard when you feel good enough to do something, but know you shouldn't because then you won't.

Listen to that little voice... just rest.

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