Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Latest on Little Scout

Well, we did Scout’s ultrasound today to find out why our little one seems to be measuring so small. And we got an answer:

Scout’s head is really, really low. In fact, Scout is right smack on my bladder. I kind of suspected that already, so it’s good to know that’s the case.

But Scout is a normal size; in fact, he/she is measuring at 35 days, 6 weeks—which is exactly how old we think he/she is!

Weight is five pounds, six ounces. Scout’s expected to gain about a pound between now and Birth Day, which means I’ll have, roughly, a six-and-a-half-pound baby. I can live with that.

And here was a surprise: Scout has hair! I was a baldy and figured Scout would be a baldy, too. Oh, but no! Scout is not a baldy. He/she is no Ella, I must admit, but we could definitely see some peach fuzz there.

They measured the amount of amniotic fluid, and I’m in a good range.

Here was the best part of the whole ultrasound: Scout was making little sucking motions with his/her mouth. I nearly started crying. That’s my husband’s baby, already preparing for his first meal! Scout was also making little breathing motions. Oh, and the heart rate was 142.

More good news: Scout is definitely head-down. Scout’s back is against my left rib, the butt is in the middle, and the little legs are on my right. I knew that, though, from the little foot imprints I keep getting just below my right rib.

So, I’m feeling very happy and relieved today that Scout is progressing normally, and that everything seems to be going fine.

My next appointment is Tuesday. I’m wondering if they’ll check to see if I’m dilated at all. I hope I’m not. I want Scout to wait until after Thanksgiving to make his/her big entrance into the world!

Oh, silly me. I almost forgot. He’re Scout’s latest profile. You can see how he/she is making little sucking motions against the uterus:

And here it is with labels, if you’re like most of us and cannot make sense of an ultrasound.


B said...

So adorable! I'm glad to hear he's measuring on schedule, but won't be too huge come time for delivery!

Megan Monk said...

Scout is beautiful/ handsome! :)

Joan said...

Great! I've often wondered about measurements when the baby moves to different positions. You were aware and knew he/she was growing. Much excitement.

Forrest Covington said...


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