Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

(Warning: There’s some TMI stuff in here for anyone who isn’t interested in the joys of third-trimester pregnancy.)

The eagle has landed.

OK, so that’s a dramatic way of saying, “Little Scout has dropped and is now perched, head-first, smack-dab in my cervix/bladder area.”

I suspected it a couple of weeks ago. I was walking from the bathroom (surprise, surprise) to my cube at work when I was suddenly doubled-over with discomfort. (It was discomfort, not pain.) It was like Little Scout had dived, head-first, deep into my pelvis. Little Scout’s weight has felt different—lower—ever since then. And I’m upped my peeing schedule to, oh, every 15-20 minutes instead of every 30-40 minutes.

But people kept telling me Scout hadn’t “dropped.” There’s no reason Scout should have at that point in the pregnancy; generally, the baby waits until a couple of weeks before delivery. Also, you could still see “baby bump” right under my ribcage. Apparently, after a baby has dropped, the area under the ribcage is flatter because the “baby bump” has moved south.

Lucky me. My frame is so small that even a dropped baby still takes up a lot of room in my ribs so I look and feel both “dropped” and “not dropped” at the same time. My midwife said I’d probably continue to have some trouble catching my breath from now until the baby’s born.

Other news from today’s midwife appointment:

- Scout’s heart rate is 130, lower than usual. I certainly will not complain if we have a laid-back baby. That would mean he/she takes after his dad, not his mom. And that’s perfectly fine with me.

- For those who are interested in exactly what is going on “down there,” I’ve dilated 1 cm and am 50% effaced (thinned). The midwife seemed surprised that I was so far effaced and said it was most likely because Little Scout’s head has been so low for a while.

My midwife also said that the degree of dilation and effacement means nothing in predicting whether Scout will come early or not. Still, I’ve had a feeling for some time that Scout is going to get here before his/her due date. I hope I’m wrong. I have way too much stuff to do before then!

I’m feeling very happy, and so is the Hubster. We have three weeks and three days to go until the due date. Less than that if Scout comes early. Time is flying.

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Terminal Degree said...

I'm so excited for you! Thanks for the updates on your blog...it's been fun to share in your excitement and your joy.

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