Thursday, November 12, 2009

22 More Days, and Not Feeling the Cat Love

Twenty-two more days until Scout’s estimated due date. Will Scout come early? Will Scout come late? Who knows? I keep saying this is the best-timed baby in the history of my company, since Scout’s birth will allow me to get out of my least favorite time of year at work (support season). So, with such good timing, I figure Scout will be either a little early or right on time.

I don’t have any exciting pregnancy news today, other than that Scout had the hiccups for a few minutes this morning.

Here’s something weird: My cats will hardly have anything to do with me these days. They used to always be on me, constantly demanding my attention, and I was happy to give it to them. Beau started giving me the cold shoulder shortly after I became pregnant; I figured he was sensing the hormones. Maybe I smelled different on some subtle level. But Hideaway, who is a mom herself, seemed more lovable than ever. If she smells the hormones, I thought, she’s feeling even more connected to me than ever before.

But several weeks ago, she started giving me the cold shoulder, too. She’s not snuggling with me at night when I read. She isn’t watching TV with me, or insisting on jumping into my lap every time I sit down. It’s like I don’t exist for her anymore.

But guess who does exist. That’s right. Hubster. The Hubster has taken my place as the object of their devoted affection. Every time he sits down, he has two cats on him within five minutes. If he stops petting Beau, Beau will reach his paw out and tug on Hubster’s shirt.

To add insult to injury, Hubster doesn’t even want the cats on his lap half the time. He’ll pick them up, put them on the floor, and tell them to “go to your mother,” or he’ll even take them to me and place them on their lap. But they’re not deterred. They go straight back to him.

It would be funny, but I miss my cats! Maybe they know, somehow, that the day is coming when they will cease to be the sole objects of my devotion forever. Poor things. I’d probably be mad at me, too. Too bad they don’t realize that the Hubster is responsible for all of this!

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Myrrh C. said...

You will be glad about their standoffishness when Scout arrives--trust me! :)

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