Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 34 Belly Pic

OK, so Hubster took about six pictures of me before we finally got this one. Clearly, my lack of beauty sleep is taking its toll.

Once Hubster finished with the camera, I confiscated it and took a picture of my feet. Or at least I tried to. Nice, huh?

The next person who tells me I "don't look very pregnant" is going to get a hormone-induced kick in the mouth.


Anonymous said...

LOL- I think I went all internal at about this interaction became increasingly challenging. The belly is looking great! Very excited for you.
-Laura Hill

Megan Monk said...

Look at Scout growing... do your best to get some rest - I know it is hard. Ella won the cutest costume contest at church tonight. :) Love you all!

B said...

Social interaction has become a bit of a challenge for me at this point. No one will blame you if one of your flailing limbs hits another person in the mouth. Just blame pregnancy clumsiness.

Krismeister said...

You look great - DEFINITELY pregnant! I can't believe how close it is getting to the big day! It seems like yesterday it was I who looked that way ... (almost) 9 and 6 years flies by!

Jammie J. said...

So I guess asking you for a headstand (remember a few years ago??) is out of the question?? hahaha! Can pregnant women even DO headstands?

pattyoboe said...

Oh MY! I have neglected reading your blog for FAR too long ... I didn't even know you were pregnant. You look wonderful and beautiful and all that even if you don't feel that way. Truly.

I've had three ... I know not to say "you don't look big" ... um ... well ... okay ... I guess I don't know that ... but I obey when told! ;-)

Another pregnant blogger just wrote a very angry entry about what we should not say. Hmmm. I think from here on out I'll just smile at pregnant women. :-)

Cheers! And YAY!

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