Monday, December 8, 2008

So I Left Work Early on Friday & Saturday

I wasn't supposed to. I could have worked until 8:00 Friday night, then again until 5:30 on Saturday. But I didn't. My fellow tech writer and I are ahead of schedule, and I wanted to do fun things.

Here's a pic of Cowboy Hubster and me on a carriage ride. (I'm not sure why, but we both seemed compelled to make it "Silly Hat Night." But at least our heads were warm.)

I'll post a few more photos as I get them. I got this one from our friends Kim, Dave, and Elizabeth. Here they are (Elizabeth on the left, then Dave, then Kim):

I hope everyone (all three of you ... plus eArThworm!) has a good week!

1 comment:

Joan said...

Looks like fun. After sitting at very cold football games for several weeks I for whatever keeps you warm.

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