Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Things I Can Hear


Now that I have my new hearing aid*, I can hear:

- The squishing sounds people make when they eat
- A springy sound when I hit a piano key (I think this is a result of George's old age).
- Birds
- The hum of the refrigerator
- The sound of feet brushing against rocks on the gravel road where Hub and I walked yesterday
- The sound of papers shuffling
- Wrappers crinkling when my co-worker Anon Blob eats his afternoon snack
- Everyone else's cell phones (I could have done without this one)
- Everyone in my office talking. I used to think this was such a quiet place to work. Now I know it's not.
- The farting bbrrrbbbrrr sound my exercise ball makes when I move around on it. (I really am just moving around on it.)
- The REALLY LOUD CLICKING of my keyboard. I love to type really fast.
- Overtoney sounds on the piano
- My soft-spoken boss
- What everyone says in meetings
- The embarrassing whistling sound my coffee cup lid makes when I sip my coffee (No. It is not a sound I make. It is the coffee cup lid.)
- The clicking sound when I press numbers on my cell phone

And did you know that Steve Insky's last name isn't Insky? It's Inskeep. I heard the popping little "p" sound at the end of his name this morning on NPR.

And here's a cool one: Last night the Hubster and I went to dinner with our friends David and Melissa at a restaurant with wood floors. Restaurants with wood floors are generally a nightmare for me because acoustics have sounds bombarding me from every which way and I can't tell what anyone is saying and I end up with a headache after it's all said and done. But last night, Hubster held a conversation with David and I talked to Melissa for about two hours. And I didn't once have to ask Melissa to repeat herself. And she's relatively soft-spoken and everything.

At work yesterday, one of my co-workers took a support call. He talked so loud that it hurt my ears and I actually had to turn the hearing aid off. I went to my friend Broccoli Warpath Gal and told her what had happened, and she rolled her eyes and said, "He hurts everyone's ears. Welcome to our world."

Welcome to our world, indeed. What an amazing, welcoming world this is, rich with opportunities for discovery, even if the things I'm discovering have been common knowledge forever.

*Unlike my old hearing aid, this one is digital. The difference between the two is amazing. There is really no comparison. The old hearing aid simply made things louder and allowed me to hear birds and a few other higher noises. This hearing aid brings the whole world to life.


Sherry said...

How very cool! I remember when I got my first pair of glasses when I was six and being completely awed that I could see individual leaves in trees, cracks in sidewalks, etc.

Joan said...

What kind is yours? Mine is digital - a Widex. I still have issues with it though. I'm difficult to fit due to the surgery. I hope things continue well for you.

Jammie J. said...

Did you hear that?

That was the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard... :)

Anonymous said...

Chiquita, I see nothing on this blog about our impending, er, upcoming EHS reunion, so I'm guessing you're not going, which saddens me greatly. You MUST, however, come to our beautiful state soon and grace these mountains with your presence. Would love to see you!!!

~ Rebecca B.

Linda said...

This is fascinating. Also the difference between the digital and the older one. If we have lunch, I want you to take it out, though, so you won't hear the squishing and slurping sounds I make when I eat.

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