Monday, April 28, 2008


Things that have happened in April that I didn't blog about:

Shakespeare's birthday
My friend Mary's birthday
Piano group class where I played the C# P&F horribly after years of diligent practice
The start of Hubster's big hike
A gazillion unphotographed before-and-after moments of home improvements
Visits from Mr. Hugh & Mrs. Gwen
My sister's baby, Lima Bea, turned two months old (since conception).
Tax season ended (oh, wait ... I think I blogged about that).
I baked a mean batch of cinnamon granola.
I baked a mean batch of blondies.
I ran, but not regularly, and not often enough.
Spring sprung. Spring sprang. Spring is here!
My mom and I planted two gardens.
I was feeling impetuous and painted my garden door Impetuous. Big mistake. Time to color-shop again.
My friend Donna came down with the mumps.
I signed up for Twitter. You can read my "tweets" in the right column of this blog, under "Twitter Updates." I'll tweet more once my cell phone is fixed.
My cell phone broke.
I got my hearing aid adjusted. So now I hear even better.

There's more. It's been a busy month.

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