Friday, December 28, 2007

Would You Like Your Brain Fried With That?

We're in the final days of software CD testing. My brain is so fried, I can't decide if I should take a nap or rename myself Cracklin' Head.

I know. I should take a nap. A good three-week-long nap. But that's not an option.

So I guess I'll just be Cracklin' Head for a few more days.

I wrote a lovely poem this morning. It was actually an e-mail to the Hubster. He wanted to know if I would be home at a decent hour on New Year's Eve, or if I would have to work late. (He's already accepted that New Year's Day is a full work day for me.) So here's the poem I sent him. The subject line was "New Year's Eve".

so much depends

the newest CD

working like

before the old
year ends.

I know. I'm keeping the day job for now.

P.S. This is Blog Post #1700.

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Sherry said...

Yes, you will make sure you are free on New Year's Eve for your hubster! And if you are late for work the day after, well, too bad. Better to be late and work late because New Year's Eve is a special time. Besides, everyone else is gonna be late anyway . . .

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