Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Forget the Amazon.com Wish List

All I want for Christmas is my old music back.

The trunk of my car leaked the other night--for the first time since I had it fixed two summers ago.

I had about $300 worth of piano music in the trunk. Chopin Etudes, my beloved Well Tempered Clavier Vol. 1, Schubert complete impromptus and moments musicaux, Chopin preludes, Chopin nocturnes, Bach two- and three-part inventions, Liszt transcriptions (a $40 purchase), my new Shostakovich piece, two books of Rachmaninoff preludes, Moszkowski etudes, and several collections of piano pieces, one of which I bought in England in 1990 and has been my one of my favorite piano books ever since. Oh, and a brand-new collection of Beethoven bagatelles that I just got from Hutchins & Rea last week, along with the Schubert collection.

Everything is soaked. Apparently a rather large puddle formed in the trunk, just where I'd left the bag full of music.

Oh, and my piano assignment book and my journal were soaked as well.

See, we needed to "de-clutter" our house. Piano music is kind of cluttery-looking, so I put it all in the trunk. I also hadn't taken my music out from when I had a lesson Saturday afternoon. So there was a lot of music in my car. I was going to put it all back--or organize it somehow--after the realtor came to take his fabulous pictures (see blog post below).

Last night Hub and I tried the hairdryer, the oven, and the roaring fire he'd built in the fireplace, but the pages just got more and more warped.

The pencil marks--fingering notes, other notes to myself, Deborah's notes, the notes of piano teachers going back to 1983, etc.,--are all but invisible.

How does one replace that kind of stuff?

I'm sad today. Granted, there are people whose entire houses flood, who lose everything in floods, including pianos, cats, photos, family heirlooms, and even family members. All I had was a leaky trunk, and all I lost were some books and some notes. I really don't have a lot to complain about in the great scheme of things.

But I'm still sad. Many of those music books and I go back a long way.


Jammie J. said...

Oh no... I'm so sorry. :( I don't know how to fix it. But I'm so sorry.

Mondo Gitane said...

Try GG Allin too.. its great for running

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