Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two Updates in Two Days!

Could I be on a roll? Alas, the only reason I have time to blog is because I haven't gone running the last couple of mornings. My killer headache hasn't gone away yet, despite Goody's Headache Powder and sleeping on a heating pad (part of the headache feels kind of like a really painful crick in my neck).

Hubster and I looked at the big ole farmhouse near the A.T. yesterday. I fell in love. Absolutely in love. I have never walked into an unfamiliar house and felt like it was my house I was entering. This one was different.

And folks, they even had a piano where I would have put the piano. They had Walker Percy books on the bookshelves, just like me. One bookcase was even full of old, worn notebooks. I have a bookcase full of old, worn notebooks.

I was ooh-ing and aah-ing the whole time. The house includes an artist's studio that would work very nicely as a place where hikers could stay. Plus, there are lots of great tentsites in case anyone wanted to set up their tent.

And the house is so warm and inviting and cozy! It has purple shutters! It has a back porch with a swing! It even has a small, weirdly shaped room that is the perfect writing nook.

This house has everything.

Except an air conditioner. And a closet for the main bedroom. But there are ceiling fans in every room, and Mrs. Gwen has the perfect old wardrobe that would go perfectly in this house. And I wouldn't be surprised if this house had a secret passage to Narnia. Though when I asked, the realtor assured me that it's not haunted.

Unfortunately, while I was imagining something of a mix between The Sunnybank Inn and The Cabin in Maine, with something out of C.S. Lewis or L.M. Montgomery, Hub was taking note of all the stuff that would require work, like gutters. (Can someone say "work-for-stay for A.T. hikers?" Duh!) And he doesn't like that it doesn't have an air conditioner. And he thinks the kitchen is too small (even though it's much bigger than the one we have now). And he thinks it's too expensive. It's in that range of, "We can afford it, but it's going to be a stretch ... and if we're going to pay more for something, we don't want a money pit/fixer-upper on our hands."

So we're going to look at it again this weekend (I'm going to take Mrs. Gwen along and try to get her on my side), along with a few other houses that are less expensive.

Wish me luck.


Kevin said...

Nina, Sounds like karma to me! That farmhouse wants you badly! Hope the headache goes away forever!!


Belinda said...

It's so rare that you find that special feeling with houses. Damn the torpedoes (of the bank), full steam ahead.

Sherry said...

Darn your husband, being so sensible. Maybe the sellers will negotiate and go down on their price? Try it. That's how I sold my (only) house as a real estate agent. The people were asking $140,000 for their house, I put in an offer from my buyer for $124,000, and they were desperate and accepted!

Linda said...

Photos! We need photos!!!!
(This is too exciting.)

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