Friday, August 10, 2007

The Writing Life

I told people that Jan's book would be worth the wait ... and it is!

Click here, then scroll down and click Reviews to read some of the early feedback Jan's gotten on her book, The Ordinary Adventurer: Hiking Vermont's Long Trail: A Primer for Baby Adventurers, and Other Musings on the Nature of the Journey.

This is the book I edited, for anyone who remembers my constant references to "Jan's book" over the past year.

I've spent some quality time with my own novel lately, but not nearly enough. I've been spending more of my time revamping my company's user manual and writing pages and pages of internal documentation. It's been challenging and fun, and I'm learning loads of new information. I can't believe I've already been at this job for more than two months.

Weekends are for the novel and piano. It's going to be a good weekend.


Gannet Girl said...

Nina, this is SO COOL! Congratulations! The book looks wonderful and I expect to enjoy it thoroughly.

violet said...

Sounds like one very successful venture for you both. Congratulations!! (to Jan and to you)

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