Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life Lately

Well, here I am at Panacea Coffee House, in the lovely little town of Waynesville, North Carolina. I've just finished writing a few pages in my hard-copy journal and am now procrastinating on some work I need to do for Relay For Life.

I'll be temporarily re-entering the world of Cubicle Land on Tuesday. My old company in Asheville has hired me on a contract basis to do some tech editing for two weeks. So, when I'm not selling books, I'll be poring over software user manuals. I met with the tech writing team yesterday, then happened to see my old boss as we were walking past his office (he's now the boss of something else, and some other person I don't know oversees the tech writers). It was good to see him again, to meet the new tech writer (who is also a runner!), and to see Sarah, the one remaining tech writer from when I was there.

Before that job begins, though, I need to wrap up some final Relay stuff, finish the final read-through of Jan's book, and at least finish Chapter 15 of my novel. Somehow I am magically going to do that before Tuesday. Hmm.

Back to work.

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