Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Crunch-Time Crunch

Remember how calm and uneventful my first couple of hours at the bookstore were today? Well, the serious shoppers started around 2:30 this afternoon. It got busy. I was on the phone constantly, putting people on hold while I looked up books, led people to books, straightened up books, and giftwrapped books. Oh, and sold books. I sold a lot of books today. About three times the sales I usually have on Sundays.

Things finally started to slow down about fifteen minutes before closing time. It was then that I noticed that my good ear was empty.

My good ear isn't supposed to be empty. See, my good ear isn't so good (it's just "good" compared to my bad ear) and is supposed to contain a plastic, battery-powered device called a hearing aid.

I have to take my hearing aid out before answering the phone. Normally, I shove the hearing aid in my pocket when the phone rings. (As you may guess, I'm not particularly good at communicating on the phone.) So I checked my pockets.

No hearing aid. I looked on the counter near the phone. No hearing aid. I lifted up papers and bags in the surrounding counter area. No hearing aid.

Panic. I go into a panic every time I misplace my hearing aid. Not only am I dependent on it to hear and communicate, but replacing it would cost upwards of $1,000--possibly twice that.

So I checked some of the shelves I had recently been to. No hearing aid. I wondered if I'd accidently bagged it with some customer's books. Would they find it and bring it back?

I seriously panicked. Checked my pockets several more times, just to make sure it wasn't there. Checked the bathroom, even though I hadn't been in there in hours. Checked the counter in the back, even though I hadn't been there in hours either. Checked the cash register. No hearing aid.

I suppose I would have heard the crunch if I'd been wearing my hearing aid, but I didn't hear a thing. But I did finally notice my hearing aid on the floor beneath the cash register. Oh, joy! My hearing aid! Panic was replaced by euphoria!

I bent down to pick it up, and ... the plastic was broken. All the tiny, wiry innards of the device were hanging out of it. It wasn't completely crushed, but ... I was.

I'm hoping I can get it repaired before Christmas. I don't want to spend the holidays cupping my ear and asking people to repeat and/or write down things. I'm hoping it can be repaired, period. I'm really sad about this.

So, crunch time at the bookstore was great, but the ensuing crunch (which I didn't hear) wasn't so great. I'll let y'all know the conclusion of this gripping saga tomorrow.


Belinda said...

How did it turn out? Did you manage to get it fixed?

Waterfall said...

Belinda: Not yet. I was so busy those last few days before coming to Louisiana that I just didn't have time to take it to the audiologist. So I'm having a deaf Christmas. It's a challenge, but there are worse things in life. Hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed shortly after I get home.

Linda said...

Waterfall, I'm so sorry.
I lost my prescription sun glasses over christmas (I'm just catching up on your blog...I'm 5 days behind!), but they're not QUITE so expensive to replace.

...A deaf Christmas doesn't sound bad to me at all though...

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