Friday, November 10, 2006

I Got Rhythms ... I Got Pages ... Etc.

Today was a most wonderful and productive day. (Don't you love when those days happen?)

I worked for three hours on my novel and managed to write seven pages. I now have just a couple more pages to write in Chapter 4, then it's full-speed ahead to Chapter 5.

I practiced the prelude and fugue both using alternate rhythms. Very difficult to wrap my mind around, but I finally got it, and I'm now playing the sections I practiced much more smoothly and gracefully. My beloved Bach is thanking me from his organ loft in heaven.

Today was also a work day at the bookstore. I love work days at the bookstore (ah, the honeymoon phase of a job is always so nice!).

Know what I love more than work days at the bookstore?


And guess what tomorrow is, my friends? Correct! A LONG RUN DAY!

Woo hoo!

Wish me luck ... I'm going to spell words for a spelling bee tonight to benefit the local literacy council. That crazy Hubster nominated me. I hope they ask me to spell onomatopoeia. I can spell onomatopoeia ... or is it onomotopoeia ... uh-oh ...

Whoosh! Zing! Bang! I'm outta here for now!

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