Monday, August 21, 2006

Quick Break from Writing

I got back from a weekend trip to Ohio yesterday and have been writing up a storm all morning. OK, so I've been re-working a couple of essays that I've picked at for months, but I'm just about ready to send them out to a few places.

Next on the agenda is to work on two books: one a hiking guide, an idea I've been toying with for three years (but have never had time to pursue), and another a novel, the seed of which has only just formed in my mind in the last couple of weeks.

I feel like I'm recovering after a long illness. I am, really, albeit "mental" illness--chronic insomnia and bipolar disorder are a deadly combination, one that I do not recommend to anyone who enjoys the fruits of sanity. Recovery has taken all summer and several doctor$ and medication$, but I'm starting to feel normal--starting to feel GOOD--again.

Hubster is happy about this. And I'm happy to be writing once more.

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