Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Greek to Me ... No, It's Chinese ...

I checked Sitemeter today. Someone googled "锝嗭綊锝曪綋锝旓綊锝侊綌锝夛綇锝庛€€锝侊綌銆€锝旓綀锝呫€€" and found their way to my blog and stayed here for 18 minutes.

I think that's pretty cool. I don't even know what "锝嗭綊锝曪綋锝旓綊锝侊綌锝夛綇锝庛€€锝侊綌銆€锝旓綀锝呫€€" means. With my luck, it means "Cheesy American blogs."

Oh, well ... maybe it means "Brilliant blogs by beautiful and charming people named Waterfall."

Yep, I think I'll bet on that translation. :)

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