Monday, February 13, 2006

Visions of Summer

I am looking forward to the first summer of my new career. It always seemed wrong not to have summers off when I was in Cubicle Land; now, wrong will have been made right.

I've been thinking a lot about summer this weekend. I think it's because I've felt a sense of freedom that I don't usually have, seeing as I (rightly) anticipated a snow day today. I keep thinking, "Will summer be like this? Will I really have this much freedom?"

I shouldn't be thinking about summer yet. I have nearly an entire semester left of this school year. So, I'm going to write down my summer plans here, and maybe that will help get the summer thoughts out of my system.

School should get out somewhere around May 31 or June 1 (107 days from now!). Immediately after school lets out, my friend Lite Shoe and I are going to spend a few days hiking the Art Loeb Trail here in western North Carolina. For much of June, I'll be working on two books: I'll edit Lite Shoe's book on The Long Trail, and I'll finish up the "field work" for my own book on Haywood County hikes, plus I'll start writing.

In July or August, I'm going to D.C. to visit my dear friend Amy Powers. I also plan to visit several of my friends from high school. Strange how, even though we all went to high school in Louisiana, many of my friends ended up in D.C.

Of course, I'm going to resume work on my novel that I started last year. I wrote about 250 pages before school started. I hope to get further along than that this year, since I won't have to work at a real job.

I'm also going to practice lots of piano. It will be so nice to have time for it. My piano plans were dashed last summer because I had to get a job. That's not gonna happen this year.

Finally, I'll need to prepare for my second year of teaching. My principal has indicated that she'd like me to keep teaching my same English classes, but that she always wants me to add two new English-related classes to my load. Still, next year will be so much easier. Two new classes will be so much easier than the five new classes I had this year.

So that's what I'm planning to do this summer. No vacation for Hubster and me--as a camp director, he has to work all summer. Poor Hubster. The bright side is that I'll be home more and will actually be able to fix him a real dinner on occasion.

I want to put together a summer reading list for myself. Perhaps I'll do that later today. I love snow days.

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