Friday, February 24, 2006

Tonight's Hot Date

I'm hanging out with this fellow tonight. (Sorry, Hubster.) I have played one other Franz Liszt piece in my life: Consolation No. 3, which I played one summer while I was in college. Now I'll be starting a new Liszt, the "Standchen" transcription (the original is a song by Franz Schubert) that I've long dreamed of playing.

I want to describe this piece, but words fail me. It is so unbelievably beautiful. I first heard the Liszt transcription on the Horowitz CD, "Horowitz at Home." When Horowitz plays it, it's as if two or three pianists are at work in the same piece. I'm amazed that Deborah thinks this piece is within my capability, but she's the teacher. Also, I've talked with several other pianists who say that this piece isn't as difficult as it sounds.

I've looked through my Peters Edition publication of the transcriptions and am just amazed by them. I feel like I'm at a huge buffet full of wonderful foods that I'll never have time to eat or appreciate. I just want to start plowing through all of the pieces--not necessarily to play them, but just to analyze them and see where the voices are going and how he has them work together.

I'm so eager to get started on my new Liszt piece, too. I'm taking a short break while I wait for the clothes to dry. Then it's back to the Inner Sanctum to write in the fingering for this wonderful piece. Liszt awaits!

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