Sunday, February 5, 2006

Thinking About a Recital

I know. It's silly. No one wants to hear a thirtysomething nonprofessional give a piano recital.

Still, I'm thinking about it. Hubster's job commitment is for two years, and then we transfer. Two years is enough time--only two more years with my piano teacher--to plan a recital. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It can just be for friends, and friends of friends. Nothing earth-shattering.

I'd like to give a recital for many reasons. One is that I missed most of my senior year of college due to depression, and I therefore missed my senior recital. It's been nearly 15 years since then, but I've always felt sad about not having given that recital.

Another is that no one but no one ever hears me play. I guess that's not completely true. I play for the "praise team" at church on Sunday mornings ... but that doesn't count. I learn those songs the day before we perform them, and few consist of more than three or four chords.

Every now and then, someone will tell me I played well at church, and I want to say, "That mess of chords? That's nothing. You should hear me play Chopin."

Of course, I usually don't play that well at church. One downside to being part-deaf is that I'm a less-than-ideal accompanist. I'm also a less-than-enthusiastic accompanist. I would even go so far as to say that I hate accompanying.

But solo performing? In front of a crowd, where it's just me and a piano? Ahh ... I love that.

So. I'll be perfectly honest. Part of me craves the attention. That may seem weird since, as much as I practice and talk about piano, few people have ever heard me really play besides my mom, my dad, Hubster, and the cats. Maybe that's why I'm craving the attention. I just want to play for people. In a recital. Not just at the nursing home or in the school lunchroom for a few minutes before the morning bell rings. In a recital. Where people show up to hear me.

So I'm going to mention it to Deborah this week at piano. We can plan a recital. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. If it does ... well, I'll be able to cross off one more item on my "One-of-These-Days" list.

Anybody want to come to my recital? It'll be in 2008.

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