Saturday, February 4, 2006

Ständchen Mystery Solved

I just got this response from Bruce D of the Piano Forums:
Waterfall :

I am sure you will find this of interest, and it may help in your search.

I have three editions of Liszt transcriptions, all of which contain the Ständchen.

- The first comes in Book 1 of a two-volume Schirmer edition: Schubert Songs Transcribed for the Piano by Franz Liszt, Book 1, cat. no, Vol 128

- The second is in a Peters Edition : Liszt: Klavierwerke Band IX: Lieder-Bearbeitungen , cat. no. 3602a

- The third is in the Editio Musica Budapest, Liszt: Klavierwerke Transkriptionen VI , cat. no. Z.B 13 358. (This one will set you back more than $45.00!)

Here is the most interesting part, however. In the Editio Musica Budapest, throughout the transcription, there is an ossia più facile (an easier alternate) which, just as in your copy, does not include the last verse - the verse with the echo effect. The other verses also differ; they are "easier."

In essence, then, what you have is the Liszt transcription; it just happens to be the transcription of only the easier alternate.


Mystery solved. I just need to get my hands on the Schirmer or Peters edition, and I'll be home-free.

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