Wednesday, February 8, 2006

A Real "Waterfall" Lesson

I had a good piano lesson today. Funny how I always have a good piano lesson when I'm able to practice during the week preceding it.

The B-minor sinfonia is coming right along. Deborah said that I'm slowing down on the third page, and that I should save the final ritard for the final measure (I've been ritarding several measures from the end). She said the broken chords sound good, and advised me not to worry about speeding up the tempo--just to keep playing and loving the piece, and that the faster tempo will just come when I'm ready for it.

Sounds good to me. I didn't mention the idea of a recital because I was a little frustrated over how I played the G-minor sinfonia. It sounded so good at home. She said I'm too focused on the individual notes and the beauty of those harmonies, and that I need to get out of the piece and focus on the movement and the line. I exhibit the same super-focused behavior when hiking: I get so moved by the intricate beauty of the fungi on the rocks that I forget about the trail itself, and the fact that there are awe-inspiring views all around, and that the miraculous tiny curves, colors, and ridges of the fungi are just a small part of the whole.

So I need to focus on the whole. That's the goal. See the whole.

But it was a good lesson. When I finished, Deborah said, "Wow, that was a real 'Waterfall' lesson!" Meaning it was a really good lesson, reminiscent of my pre-teaching-life lessons.

Another goal: More "Waterfall" lessons in the future. That means making more time to practice during the week.

More practicing.
More "Waterfall" lessons.
Focus on the whole.

A tall order for a busy teacher girl. But I'll see what I can do!

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