Monday, February 6, 2006

Practice Update

I've really had some good practice sessions in the last few days. I've spent most of them working on the B-minor Sinfonia. It's a quirky little piece. Parts of it are very simple, but there are a few fast arpeggio sections that have proven to be a challenge for this creaky-fingered old woman.

I've been practicing a LOT in rhythms, and it's been good. My fingers feel almost limber.

I don't feel like my hands have the power that they need. Deborah doesn't have me do finger exercises other than a little bit with scales and arpeggios. After Dulciana posted about Hanon the other day, I wondered if maybe I should be doing a little bit of Hanon-type work each day. So I sat down the other day and did the first couple of exercises (sad how I have so many of them by memory, after all these years), and my hand ached almost immediately.

So I guess this means that I could probably use some Hanon-type drilling. I don't know. I've had piano teachers that swear by Hanon, others who hate it, and still others who preferred other composers for finger exercises--Philipp, Moszkowski, Czerny.

I must say that I got the most out of playing Moszkowski. Very difficult stuff, but woo boy, playing his "Etudes de Virtuositie" made me a better pianist. Back in my pre-creaky-fingers days.

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