Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Please, No Snow for Narnia Day!

I usually pray for snow days, but I don't want one tomorrow. It looks iffy, though ... the forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning includes "scattered snow showers."

See, tomorrow is Narnia Day (and, since Aslan returned, it's not supposed to snow on Narnia, right?). :) I'm having my students read one book from the Chronicles of Narnia each week, and each Thursday is "Narnia Day," where we discuss certain aspects of the book of the week. Tomorrow we should discuss Prince Caspian. I don't want a snow day, and I don't want a 2-hour delay. I want a full day that allows us to cram in a few interesting tidbits about Prince Caspian.

Next week's Narnia Day will be devoted to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and the next week will be The Silver Chair. Then we'll take a break the next week (the end of the 6-week period) and spend three classes watching Shadowlands. Then we'll return to the Chronicles and study the last three books over the next three weeks. Pretty cool, huh?

Tomorrow we'll discuss myth, archetypes, faith, and biblical parallels in Prince Caspian. It's all so much fun ... I wish I had more time and more resources to seriously study this stuff!

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