Monday, February 27, 2006

Pizza Party Report

It was a lovely pizza party. My three favorite people (Me, Myself, and I) attended and, as always, we had brilliant, intellectually stimulating discussions replete with striking observations and clever witticisms.

Seriously, we put our bad-haircutted blonde heads together and got a lot of work done. The English Lit test is written, and I'm getting ready to start on the peer-editing worksheet.

I love writing multiple choice tests. Sometimes, however, I get carried away. Here's a question whose silliness got it booted from the final version of the test:

_____ Which listing most accurately describes the pictures on Keats’s Grecian urn?

a. Achilles, Hector, and the pursuit of Helen of Troy
b. Odysseus, a Cyclops, and a storm on the Aegean Sea
c. eleven pipers piping, eight maids a-milking, and six noisy geese a-laying
d. one piper piping, one youth a-wooing, and one poor, doomed cow a-mooing

Whoever guesses the right answer first wins a slice of cold pizza!

Update: The peer editing worksheet is all done. Now it's time for a break (one George a-calling ...), and then I'll start grading essays!

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