Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Blogs, and PhD Thoughts

I have "New to the Blogroll" category, where I'll tuck away blogs that I like on first glance. I recently added a few blogs of college-level teachers, mostly of English and/or composition.

Speaking of college-level teaching ...

A couple of weeks ago, I e-mailed several universities, asking for information on their graduate programs. Friends, I am a grad school dropout. I was a few credit hours into my PhD (in English) when I said, "To heck with this" and permitted myself to be sucked into Corporate America and the lucrative world of technical writing.

Now that I am teaching, I'm remembering how much I truly love studying, writing, and research, and what a good "fit" grad school was for me. I did well in grad school, making A's in everything except, ironically, Technical Writing Methodology. When I first entered grad school, I had a bit of a shock because my college, wonderful as it was, hadn't prepared me for literary study on the graduate level. They'd prepared me to think, but the whole concept of literary critical theory was entirely new to me, and I spent my first year feeling like the dumb kid in the class (although others in the class often did, said, and asked things that made me realize that maybe I wasn't so dumb after all).

So, I'm planning to go back. It won't be next year, but it will be within the next few years. Hubster will eventually have to transfer out of western North Carolina. I want to stay at my school for the rest of our time in NC. After that, I'll go back to grad school. And one of these days I'll get that PhD in English. Now, the subject of whether I'll go for English Lit or Rhet/Comp is another matter for another day ...

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