Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Hard Stuff

Someone from the Piano World group e-mailed me a copy of a page from the non-easy version of Liszt's "Standchen" that I want to learn. I just muddled through it a couple of times.

Oh my. It is definitely a non-easy version. I think it is a little above my level, so I'm a bit intimidated by all the hand-sandwich (handwich?) action. But at the same time, I'm stoked (do people use that word anymore?) about the challenge of a harder piece.

I'll also start the seven-sharp C# major prelude and fugue in a couple of weeks. That, too, will be more difficult than most pieces I've ever worked on.

Then, this summer, I finally start that Chopin Ballade that we've been talking about for a year now.

Challenging pieces all. I really need to make myself focus. School and life are important, but piano needs to be more of a priority. If I'm going to do a recital--heck, if I'm even going to play these pieces with any skill--I need to make time for practicing, and I need to take my practice time seriously.

I just love having a goal! I can't wait to start "Standchen" and the P&F and the Ballade!

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