Friday, February 3, 2006

Almost Through (Half-Awake Ramblings)

School News: The school day ends in a half-hour. My seventh-period kids are reading. And listening to Naxos Radio.

In Comp, we had a really good class on writing a Works Cited page. (Strange how sometimes the boring subjects make for good classes ... we had a surprisingly good class yesteray in English 9 on the perfect tenses). In English 9 today, we watched a few clips from the Zefferelli (sp?) Romeo and Juliet and discussed a bit of Friar Laurence's character. Half the class was gone because of a basketball tournament, so I just let the rest of them get started on Monday's homework.

Piano News: After school, I head to Asheville for piano class, a monthly "recital" meeting of Deborah's piano students. Some of her college students have started to come, which is nice, because I like hearing other students like me who are at more advanced levels.

Of course, I'm not sounding very advanced these days. For the class, I'm going to play the Gm Sinfonia (because I love it), the Bm Sinfonia (as a work in progress), and a Bach piece from the Suzuki book. It'll be all Bach for me, so I'm taking my Bach action figure with me.

Hubster News: Hubster got a promotion a couple of months ago (he'll be running this place for the next two years), and he's had a hard time because they were slow in finding him a replacement for his old job. So, he's been working two full-time jobs since December. His replacement starts Tuesday, so that'll make for a bit of an easier time for the ol' Hubster.

That's about it for this ramble.

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