Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Happiest Teacher Alive!

It looks like (crossing fingers) I'll be able to (praying hard) move into my new (thinking, "please, please, please!") classroom over Halloween weekend. If this happens, I will become the Happiest Teacher Alive.

Can you imagine it? My own classroom? No longer will I have to live out of a one-ton tote bag, hang out in the main office, have "planning period" on the bug-collection display table, or drag a gazillion books and supplies back and forth to school every day.

No longer will I have to rush from borrowed classroom to borrowed classroom. No longer will I have to waste precious time writing assignments on the board (I'll be able to do that in my own classroom before classes start in the morning) and collecting and handing back homework (I'll have special boxes for students to drop off and retrieve their work). No longer will I have to go from the computer lab (where we have science) to the cafeteria (where we have lab) halfway through class. No longer will I have no place to go when I need a bit of privacy. Woo hoo!

No longer will I run the risk of forgetting Something Important at home and having to go back home to get it after arriving at school (which is 20 minutes from home).

No longer will I be up till midnight every night, because I'll be able to do my lesson planning on my school computer in my own classroom after school.

Did I mention that, with my own classroom, I'm going to get my own computer? I'll be able to, like, store files of tests and worksheets and print them out at school! And if I find a typo in an assignment (and oh, how my students love it when Waterfall commits a typo!), I can, like, fix it in Word and print it out again.

I know. It's unbelievable. And it will remain unbelievable until I actually, really, truly have my own in-the-cement-blocks classroom.

Oh, happiness. Oh, joy. I may even get a white board. Of my very own.

Now all I need to get is a cell phone, and I won't have to use the very non-private student phone in the office anymore! Yay!

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