Friday, March 18, 2005

A Well-Tempered Blog

I recently came across a blog I hadn't visited before: The Well-Tempered Blog. The blogger, Bart Collins, provides links to articles and essays about pianists, piano music (primarily classical), Bach, etc.

I knew I would like this blog; his most recent post is titled, "Happy Birthday Mr. Bach." :)

The blog also provides some links to sites I didn't know about:

Music & Vision, a daily classical music magazine that has classical music news, interviews, opera reviews, CD reviews, and mp3s of featured CDs.

Project Gutenberg Sheet Music, a project for digitizing public domain sheet music.

The Virtual Piano Museum, with narratives and pictures of pianos through the ages, from Cristofori to today.

Unfortunately, the blog doesn't allow comments and has no e-mail address, so I'm not able to tell Mr. Collins how much I like his blog thus far.

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